Body Fitness Analysis Report

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Meal Replacement

We offer meal replacement that provides an ideal balance of protein and nutrition to help satisfy your hunger and give you lasting energy. It is quick to whip up, delicious and full of nutrients to help keep you energizes.

Tea Replacement

Our tea replacement is an invigorating and refreshing energy drink mix. It provides a gentle boost and helps you feel energized and supports mental alertness and concentration, reaction time.

Nutrition Knowledge

Our aim is to educate people to explore nutrition knowledge with a reduction in the consumption of unhealthy fats. Because our food is facing adulteration, premature picking, cooking on high temperature & pesticides.

Healthy Recipes

We share simplest and most effective healthy choices that we can make at home, travel, festive seasons, fasting by keeping a track of calories, portion sizes, nutrients, and all of that other good stuff.

Diet Plans

We design personalised diet plans as per ones goal and body requirements. It includes almost 5-6 meals which consists all the essential vitamins, carbohydrates, fibre, protein intakes but varies individual to individual.

Fitness Evaluations

We personally do fitness evaluation before/during suggesting any program inorder to achieve ones target fitness goals. It includes BMI, body and visceral fat, bone mass, muscle mass, resting metabolism, body age, etc.

24*7 Support

Our mission to make world healthier and happier so we work 24*7 to provide any type of support for achieving ones fitness goal through different platforms like Personal consultation, Phone Call, Email, Whatsapp, Social media, etc.

Workout Sessions

Our fitness program works on 80:20 ratio where, 80% role of diet and 20% of workout. We runs nutrition club where we do group activities & workout & also provide online workout sessions as per ones schedule and their fitness goals.


We always recognise/welcome our business partners & clients with warm gesture and by offering them goodies, discounts, vacations, etc when they achieve their short/long terms goals based on their regularity & loyality.

Our programs motivates for fitness, balanced nutrition rich diet, workout and clean eating for the healthy lifestyle. We runs Various Programs like, Weight Management, Gut Health, Cardiovascular Health, HN Skin Care, Child Nutrition, Etc , and we advise according to Individual's body parameters and requirement.

Weight Management

Our weight management program developed by expert in nutrition available in six delicious flavours. It includes the 19 gm protein, 3 gm dietary fibre, 18 required vitamins and minerals, herbs and low GI calorie controlled (94 Kcal) product.

Digestive Health

Our product for digestion contains goodness of Aloe vera which is low in calories. It support intestinal health and soothes the stomach. It is a healthy alternative to soda or high sugar juices.

Child Nutrition

Our child nutrition product is an easy way to ensure that your child gets 6 gm protein, 12 essential vitamins and 6 minerals in their daily life. It contains less fat and helps to boost enery.

Energy & Activeness

We have range of products which helps to stimulate your metabolism and increase alertness. It has a unique blend of green, black, oolong tea and many antioxidants. It is available in 6 flavours and calories and can be enjoy in hot and cold at any time of the day.

Cardiovascular Health

We have various range for cardiovascular health. One is a refreshing powder mix containing L-ARGININE which helps to maintain overall cardiovascularhealth and healthy blood flow to the heart and contains Vitamin C,E and folic acid. Second is omega fatty acid helps to maintain the health of heart.

Joint & Bone Health

For bone health we have product with added magnesuim and vitamin D aid in calcium absorption and helps to supplement the regular diet and for joints we have Glucosamine. it contains Scutellaria root extract and essential trace minerals like copper & manganese.

Hair/ Nails/Skin Health

All in one product Promote your skin’s health from within for visibly younger looking skin,Formulated with collagen, which has been tested to show support of skin elasticity and the reduction of fine wrinkles. Contains Vitamins A, C and E, which provide antioxidant protection.

Pre/During/Post Workout

We have all required products for workout lovers. It has 24g whey & casein protein, helps to rebuild muscle and speed recovery. Tri-core protein blend of free amino acids. BCAA helps muscle growth and L glutamine supports immune function.

Gut Health

We have a guardian Of your GUT. It delivers 1 billion active organisms and helps to provide balance to good and bad bacteria. Aids in carbohydrate and protein digestion made with non GM ingredients with 0 calories.