Who We Are?

We, Patrika Guptaa & Manish Guptaa aka FitCoupleManishka are Wellness Coaches. We have decided to be a Herbalife Coaches immediately after Our Body Transformation in the year 2019. We have been practicing Healthy Active Lifestyle & using Herbalife Nutrition as Our Ideal Breakfast & Dinner since then. Now our whole family is on this Nutrition. We all have amazing Results & Transformations, as we are not making any medical claims but yes, if we add nutrition in our daily life we can see the changes in every way. We practice what we preach!! We have helped many people to get Healthier & Happier from last One year.

Patrika Guptaa

I am a Tax Consultant by Profession. I got married with Manish in July, 2017. Before that I was underweight, within few months of Marriage I gained 15 kgs weight due to unhealthy lifestyle. Then I tried different things to control my weight but it keeps on increasing day by day. Finally, my search ends with Herbalife Nutrition when one of my friends introduced me with a word of Happiness & Health. I lost 12 Kgs weight in 90 days.

Manish Guptaa

I am an Engineer by background and Assistant Professor by Profession. Initially I was not in favour of using Herbalife Nutrition as I thought I can overcome from my unhealthy eating habits by changing my lifestyle which was not possible in this polluted environment. I started using Herbalife Breakfast after seeing the WOW results of my Life Patrika.

We, FIT COUPLE MANISHKA, love the Time Freedom, Travel Opportunities, Interacting with different people around the Globe which we get with Herbalife Business Opportunity. Now we know the value of Nutrition and Healthy Active Lifestyle. Now we are on the mission of making others life Healthier & Happier. "You will get all you want in Life, if you help Enough Other People Get What They Want".

Why Choose us?

We are associated with world's No.1 Cellular Nutrition Company. Which is listed in NYSE and serving the World from last 40 Years by delivering Nutrition in 94 Countries and completed 20 years in India. Our Programs are Fully Personalised, Zero side effects and Low GI Meals. We work on Results by calories management without dieting, so it's Healthy Weight Loss/Muscle Gain.

"A Healthy Lifestyle not only Changes Your Body, It Changes Your Mind, Your Attitude and Your Mood".

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What Clients Say


Arpita Mourya, Client

I lost 8 kg postpartum fat in 3 months...My immunity and digestion improved a lot... before joining Herbalife I feel tired to do household works and take care of my baby but now I m full of energy like hulk 😉

Shruti Gaur, Client

Thank you Patrika Guptaa for such a tremendous effort on me. Your motivation has helped me to get fit in such a short time 😘 😘

Pooja Singh, Client

Abhilasha Kedia, Client

Shubhra Dubey, Client

Sir I'm completely satisfied with the Afresh energy drink and the supplements 😊😊....I have started this on 15th and in 4 days only I can feel major improvement...!!Thank u sir for introducing me to Herbalife it is the best one 🙏 😊

Pragya Singh, Client

Thank you so much for the product and guidance. I literally feel that I lose some weight and belly fat also. And I get compliment also "weight loss hua hai thoda", I checked my weight and it is 50 kgs earlier it was 54 kgs ❤ ❤ ❤

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"Take Care of Your Body; it's the only Place you have to Live"